Monday, August 19, 2013

Baby Chicks!!!

This Saturday I woke to the sun blaring in my eyes, got up, and went to the living room to check my facebook and watch Food Network (I love Trisha Yearwood!) anyway, Daniel comes grumbling down the hallway about an hour later "What's all that noise, why didn't you feed the animals?"

Well, I din't feed the animals because I'm lazy, and I'm so used to the noise of a million chickens squawking since we moved to Hawaii, I honestly didn't even notice it. But as it turns out, this particular Saturday, it wasn't even our animals.

On the back lanai, not one, but FIVE baby chicks had gotten stuck in a mouse trap. 4 nitrile gloves, a scissors, an exacto knofe and some blue Dawn later, we had 5 new babies to take care of!
They're so tiny and cute!

I thought Sophia would LOVE them, but she was unimpressed (and a little scared)