Monday, November 11, 2013

Pinterest Monday

After an extremely boring and unproductive day at the office, an exhausting afternoon of chicken wrangling and the trailer trashiest trip to Kualapuu Market ever.... I made a dinner of epic Pinterest proportions. Baked tacos, and that cream cheese apple crescent roll thing. 

Baked taco review, aaah mazing! Except for soph who only liked the tomatoes and kept yelling for more sour cream. delish and very filling. This is all that was left.
If I was better at blogging I would have captured all the steps... Oh well.

And my leftovers for work tomorrow.

And now to the apple thing. The link was missing on Pinterest, so I just looked at the pic and assumed I could figure it out. It took forever to bake, like 25 min at 350. Actually preheated too! 
We're all pretty stuffed from the tacos, so tune in tomorrow for the reviews. 

Here's how I made it though:
1 can crescent rolls (1/2 on the bottom, 1/2 on the top.
Next a box of old previously frozen crumbly cream cheese
After that a can of apple pie filling
Top with other 1/2 of cr.
A couple of smears of smart balance and a sprinkle of cinnamon and sugar.
Bake at 350 for awhile until golden.