Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy new year

New row of zinnias, lavender, and windflowers planted... But it's January 1st, so we'll see if they grow or not...

New swing has first coat of varnish.

New crock lids are stained. Very disappointed in Pottery Barn this time :(

Old toy basket is free from mold and recoated with some polyurethane.

Chickens got new haircuts.

And their pen got the beginnings of a makeover.

Some pink callas bulbs got planted, hopefully they grow!

A decent amount of laundry wash washed.

And folded.

And put away.

The oven was self cleaned of its post Christmas dinner grime.

And then I actually finished cleaning it. Just like new! Except for the RUST SPOTS on the bottom!!! Come on Molokai!!! It's only 3 years old!!! Give me a break with ruing all my possessions!!!

And both animals were treated against fleas, ticks, worms, and other parasites. Penny got a few of her nails trimmed, but she's too busy hiding from the leftover fireworks that are being shot off to pose for a picture.

Sophia took her THIRD nap in her big girl bed; the smoothest one to date!

So far it's been a very productive new year. Now Here's to the Next 364 days of Slacking Off!!!