Sunday, January 5, 2014

Lazy Saturday

Yesterday was a nice lazy Saturday. It started out with a roll of Pillsbury Grands cinnamon rolls. It's still wired to me to eat bean name food, and we normally do get Best Yet Cinnamon rolls from Misakis. But I'm glad we didn't yesterday. I don't know if Pillsbury is actually better, or it was the "grandness" of them, or the fact that I cooked them in a metal pan at 325 instead of on the stone at 350... But they were freaking delish.

I tried to make a shopping list, but Sophia colored all over it

Then we went shopping and I w as only able to buy about half of what I wanted. #molokaiproblems 
AND it cost about $200 :( that's a week of groceries for a family of 3 here. The price you pay to live in paradise, I guess.

We got home made some pretty dang good cucumber wraps and headed to the beach. But not before saying goodbye to baby Jesus and putting him to bed with the mini farm animals in the people guys barn...

And it was a beautiful beach day!