Sunday, January 5, 2014

Pinterest tortellini

So I got the pin from here

But all my crock pots were at work, so I took these things:

Cooked the sausage, cut up the lettucey green (no spinich

Deglaze the pan

Make sure your window is open, because who has a range hood- no one I know

Blend up the diced tomatoes for your super picky eaters

Dump everything else in the pot on medium heat

Put in the greens and Let it cook for about 20-40 min

It got really think and hamburger helper-y. And that was the finished product.

The verdict:

Total cost $30. And that's with free stuff from the garden.HOLY SHIT!!! But it did make about 6-8

Taste: pretty good :) Sophia loved it, but she loves all noodles

Ease: super easy and easy cleanup. Only one pot and one spoon

Healthy ness: moderate