Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Nesting take 1

36 weeks Monday!! We are FULL TERM!!!! 

I've been really wanting to nest and get stuff done, but I've been really hindered by my extreme heartburn and hip pain, and never ending pain in the ass masters class have been making it nearly impossible! Those things coupled with potty training a toddler who thinks it's perfectly acceptable to drop her pants and shishi/dodo anywhere... Well, not much has gotten done. 

I am making decent progress on refinishing the play kitchen.

Soph and I got some flower seeds planted.

With some "help" from these two:

And the nursery got a little more decorated, but I think I need to redo the bunting with a lot more blue an green and a lot less pink. Only problem is there's no craft store on Molokai, so even if I order scrapbook paper it won't get here in time. I'm thinking of making a fabric bunting, but that seems like a labor intensive project I don't feel like taking on right now.

And the toy bins need to be replaced. I really want some raccoon ones from skip hop, but they're $30!!!!

Love the left over shower flowers and pretty happy with the way the rainbow mobile turned out.

I like the crib bedding, but now I'm thinking maybe I should have gone with navy instead of light blue. Too late now, and that's what happens when you have to order everything without being able to see it in person.

Still love Sophia's corner though. Girls are so much easier to decorate for!!!