Friday, August 22, 2014


My mom and dad left yesterday. Dropping people off at the airport really sucks. It always makes me question if we're doing the right thing for our kids. Growing up on Molokai is great, but growing up 4000 miles from your grandparents sucks. 

Anyway, this week before they left we tried to get in some fun activities and beach time after work.


My dad snorkeling

Cutie McCutes

Perfect evening for some hot dogs

Soph was mad because i wouldn't give her the camera

So I did, and she took this gem

 We made s'mores and I didn't burn my face off...success!

More of Sophia's excellent photography

She built a book castle around Michael

20 Mile

The "sand" is really just rocks. lol. 

Dad's snorkeling pics

meanwhile, back at work our parking lot is the freaking worst!!!! Look how close those mirrors are!!! It's a miracle I haven't hit anything yet!!!

Back on the home front my hibiscus look amazing

But sadly we had to drop Cowboy Grandpa and Marky Mommy off to catch their flight.

We miss them already!