Sunday, August 10, 2014

Saturday Sink Removal

A bunch of crap had been falling into one of our kitchen drawers. Turns out our sink was leaking, and had been for quite some time. Long enough that the entire underside of our lovely Formica countertop was completely rotted out and had mostly fallen into the bottom cabinet drawers.

In order to 'solve the problem' and make room for our dishwasher. That $hi+ was removed!!!

But first we went to the land fill. Can you believe this is the view from our LANDFILL! It also makes me feel completely terrible about any and all trash we bring there, so we really try to recycle everything and buy stuff with minimal packaging.

Assessing the damage

The "before"

So nasty (and this is AFTER I spent hours scrubbing it)

A rotted out hole :(

Mac is unsure of all the noise from the vacuum