Monday, August 18, 2014

Scenes from our Sunday

Getting ready for church entails watching cartoons, refusing to put on real clothes, and hoarding a bunch of mommy's necklaces. (Oh, and looking adorable)

There were beautiful flowers blooming in the church parking lot

And afterwords we headed to Cookhouse for the island's ONLY biscuits and gravy. (I think anyway)

Sophia displayed her excellent photography skills. Oh, to be two again...

The afternoon was spent kiddie pooling, working on the floor, gardening and making homemade pizza.

We've been getting so much done. Our house is looking so much better and I am eternally greatfull for all of my parents help, but I'm exhausted, and I haven't even even doing any of the work. I've just been gong to work at my job, and making milk which are both incredible energy drains in and of themselves. I really do look forward to the time when any of our parents can come visit us and jut have fun and not have any projects to take on... Someday...

Anna on the other hand, that's a different story. Lol.