Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Stop the truck!!!

Today we had to take Sophia to a doctor appointment. On the way home the little goober somehow got her foot stuck in the side pocket of her carseat. Long story short, she was fine, but we pulled over on the side of the hwy to make sure. As I was getting back in the truck I was struck by the beautifulness (I know that's not a word and the proper term is beauty, but it just doesn't describe) of this scene.

Maybe it's because we're lucky enough to get to live on Molokai, or maybe it's because life is going pretty ok for us right now, but lately there have been tons of these moments. Where I just stop and think "holy shit, I'm lucky" I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm very grateful and very thankful, and I want to encourage everyone else to find the beauty in little everyday moments... Even if it doesn't seem like it and it still seems like all I ever do is complain about stuff :)

Anyway, since we got back so late from the dr. By the time I drove back to work I only would've been there for 30 min, so I stayed home and helped Danno with some house stuff. 

The dining room before


After-but not yet complete

This is reeeeeeeeeeallly making me think that I need to paint the ceilings white. I guess there's no rush though...