Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Livin like a 1%er

Last weekend we took a girls trip to Maui. It was crazy! It's the first time I've ever flown to Maui, and it was LIFECHANGING. Ok, that may be a little dramatic, but it was amazing. It's been raining on the mountain, so there were waterfalls galore! And with so many of us flying Mokulele together it totally felt like a private plane. Haha.

I got my ears pierced!!! Yes, I'm probably the only person in America that waited until the age of 29 to get their ears pierced. (Just in time for 30th bday earrings???)

We ate,shopped, got our nails and hair done, and hung out at the pool. We stayed at the Grand Wailea?

The only bad part was missing my husband and kids (which I did miss them a lot) and having to pump:( :(

Other than that, I wish I could live like a millionaire every day!!!