Tuesday, September 9, 2014

One of those days...

Last Thursday was one of those days. A day where you wake up and think who's idea was it to move 4,000 miles away from everyone we know and then try to start our family, advance our careers and buy a house...oh yeah, that was my idea. My bad. I should have known.

Fast forward to 6:45am. Yes, 6:45. I know, I should already be at work by then, but since Daniel was on Maui I let the kids sleep in until 6 and then packed up the truck and headed to town to drop Sophia off at the babysitter's. Also, can we talk about how crazy it is to have to get up at 5am everyday!!!!

Anyway, On the way to the babysitter's we passed girls my age dropping their children off at their parents houses, so the kids could spend the day playing with their cousins. And we even passed some former co-workers taking a morning walk with their spouse and baby. All this really made that guilt creep back in that "I've got it all wrong". You only live once and I'm spending the precious moments of my day in an office (and outside but that's splitting hairs)

But then I got home and took a bunch of pictures and realized everything was going to be ok.

My new favorite shirt! from where I stand

This handsome guy :)

Pretty Purple Flowers

This $h!# is bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s

Isabel rules this yard!

some bugs are eating my ginger :(

Uuuggh. Today was another of those days. we had a million things today, i couldn't get any work done because Michael was jabbering. i finally got to go home, but my to-do list there was endless. But now as I listen to my tiny princess "read" books to her Aunty Anna I remember that its allllllll worth it.