Sunday, November 2, 2014

Happy 6 Months Michael

Happy 6 months baby boy! You have grown so much!!!
You can sit up for hours.

You love to eat anything and everything you can get your hands on...except squash, you don't like squash at all.
You love watermelon, peas, carrots, rice cereal, pancit, mummums, bananas, ice cream (tiny tiny tiny bits) that's about it, we let you try tiny bits of most of our food (you also love pancakes) we were trying to go really slow introducing solids, but you are not standing for that!! If we're eating or drinking, you open your mouth wide, lean forward and screech to get our attention, then whine until we share with you. you also really like drinking out of  big people cups, or attempting to at least...

You're becoming very vocal! you make all kinds of crazy sounds. 
Your etes are turning very dark hazel, they'll probably be all brown soon. You haven't had your 2nd set of vaccinatins yet because the fridge broke at PauHana, and they all went bad...but that's life on Molokai. Luckily you're pretty healthy. 

You LOVE to play with your toys and play with your sister!

Happy 6 months baby boy! We love you!