Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas 2014

This year marked Baby Michael's first Christmas and our  First Christmas in our own house. We were so busy with work and everything else going on that I'm not sure we fully understood, but this was a really REALLY big year for us. We're grown up homeowners with two kids. Ahhhh! How did that happen???
Santa and the reindeer ate their snacks

Mac got up at the crack of dawn 
Destroyed baby Jesus' birthday cake

and was still really tired...
Meanwhile, many presents waited under the tree

and this little angel slept peacefully

then this guy tried to open everything before his sister got up

Finally Sophia got up and opened her one gift from Mommy and Daddy. A cooking set for cooking real food with mommy. 
We had a LONG day. Sophia wanted to play with every single thing she got immediately after she opened it. I guess that's good, because she wasn't greedy at all. She would open a present and we would say "ok, do you want to open another one?" She would reply "no, I like this one" LOL. Looks like Santa should have just brought her one thing :) Less really is more, I guess. 

I tried to get a picture of them by the tree, but it's really hard with TWO mobile kids. 

Always on the move. 

As Sophia now tells me "good enough"





and more presents!
Taking her time, playing with everything...

Reading a new book with Daddy

Danny got me a fancy hat :)



and more presents. Awesome Grandmas think alike!

Poor Mac and his teeth :(

Feeling a little better after some OraGel

Handsome little man drinking his pretend milk

Sophia wearing her "Christmas pants"  and new bow and looking at her new letter flashcards

Santa left notes on the presents (mostly about sharing)

Sticking ALL THE STICKERS to my floor. Sigh.

One lucky lady

New Princess Dolls

We made vermicelli bowls for Christmas Dinner. The only fish sauce I could find on this island was Patis, and my limes weren't exactly what I would describe as 'ripe' But they still tasted good. Next time I might add a little more sugar to my fish sauce.The best part about Christmas Dinner, which is also last year's best part, although they were completely opposite meals... At least a portion of the ingredients were FRESH from our own garden...Picked by Sophia and Mommy that day :)

Sophia had her very own

Cilantro, Basil, Carrot and some lettuce from our garden. Cucumber, chives, rest of lettuce from our Kumu box, and everything else from Friendly Market/Misakis.

Sophia Approved

And so did Danny. LOL
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!!