Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Eve 2014

This year we may have had the perfect Christmas Eve (except for the fact that we still missed our families) 

I made an array of delicious foods, and we met our friends at the beach for an afternoon of sand and SUN, which was surprising, because it's been cold and rainy all week. 

Lilikoi Peach Raspberry Sangria. (recipe will be in a later was AMAZING)
Pickle Wraps, just like my Aunt Cathy makes

Creamy Chicken Enchilada Rollups (Pinterest)

Chips and Queso

Some scenes from our drive to the beach, just because it is so unique and pretty, I know a lot of times I'm on my phone or reading a magazine or whatever in the car, but I shouldn't because look how cool the view is: 


A girl and her dog. Both had the best day playing in the water and the sand!

Michael Agapito is teething hardcore. Funny story, this weekend we discovered that this kid only responds well to "Michael Agapito" not Mike, Mikey, Mac, Baby Boo, Boo Boo or any of the other 100million things we call him...If you want this boy to look at you and grin, you better address him as Michael Agapito. 

Public Right of Way Beach with view of Lanai

Dora the explorer

Swiss Family Robinson?

I'm attempting to learn all of the manual settings on our camera, then maybe someday Daniel will give in and buy me a DSLR, Haha. 

She wasn't very into the sand writing. She vastly preferred hitting things with that stick :(

WE built a sand castle, but Penny kept walking through it, laying on it, and knocking it down :(

We dug a hole and Sophia asked me "Mom, can I live in there" I said "It's kind of small for a house, how about it's a car" She said "It IS a car mom, I'm driving to Pizza Cafe"

Christmas DIY pedi, with the cheap CVS nail stickers, but I LOVE it!

It was a seriously beautiful day

Penny looking majestic amongst all the kid toys
Blurry, but oh, to be two and a half!

we're growing out her bangs

Flowers in the church parking lot, we were right on time, so I didn't get any family pics or even pics of the kids in their cute dress up clothes. Michael even wore a baby suit, it was adorable!
Cell phone snaps right before mass. I bought Sophia two dresses on black Friday, because Target had them both for $8 and I thought I could return whichever one she didn't like. Well, we cut the tags off of the OTHER one (a poofy, red, sparkly, glitter, satin bow monstrosity that she LOVED "mom, this is a princess dress, I'm a princess, I Love this one" etc.) Well, as we're getting ready to go out the door and leave for church, a Sophia meltdown started because she didn't like that dress anymore and it was itchy...Uugh. we were going to be late, so rather than fight that battle, Sophia won, and she wore the other dress, which is what's pictured above. Sigh. KIDS!
Putting out treats for Santa and the reindeer

Sophia ate Santa's first cookie...Then left him one more, insiting that he only wanted one, and he didn't want milk... She also left him a note that supposedly says "I love you" 
Merry Christmas Eve Everyone!