Friday, December 12, 2014

Happy 7 months, Michael Agapito!

Oh Michael, you are getting sooooo big! You now weigh over 18 pounds, and you are ___ inches. 

You love to eat anything and everything we give you. You've had pretty much all fruits and veggies and we give you bits of whatever we're eating. You will easily eat an entire banana (okay, entire apple banana) in one sitting. You also love puff and Cheerios, just like your sister did.

You're always trying to feed yourself and continually grabbing the spoon from us. You're pretty coordinated though, no where near as close to being able to use utensils as you think you are. 

Everyone in this family loves you as much as can be! You're such an easy going happy baby, you're easy to love :)

You're making more and more sounds and really trying to communicate. You say "mama" although I'm not sure if it means me, or you just say it. You also reach out for us when you want us to pick you up and you clap your hands, but we're not sure what that means either. 

You are quite mobile. You're always trying to move around and climb on everything! You always try to climb out of the sink when we're giving you a bath. You think it's hilarious! You always pull yourself up on the faucet too! Lucky Daddy let Mommy buy a nice one(haha) 

You haven't exactly mastered crawling in the traditional sense just yet, but you can easily cross a room in no time at all by doing the three legged scoot. 

You have two teeth!

Happy Seven Months Michael Agapito!