Thursday, December 11, 2014

"Once Upon a Molokai Christmas" Light Parade 2014!

While I'm all bundled up in bed trying to finally kick this flu, I thought I might as well work on the ol blog a little bit. I'm waaaaay behind! Last Saturday was light parade, definitely one of the highlights of the year! Mycogen didn't do a float again, which I was secretly glad for, that way I could watch the parade with everyone else :)
En Route Selfie. I need some sun! Oddly enough no one has made fun of my whiteness recently, either they feel bad for me, or they don't like me any more :/

Ah, glowing late afternoon sunlight. 

And this handsome young man.

Seriously, this is our view driving EVERYDAY. I can't even begin to express how lucky and thankful we are to live here. 

PhotoCredit: Meredith

And again...

Sophia had a pretty nice vantage point

I had to.

And Mac got spoiled by Auntie Grace the whole time :)

The Filipino Council 12 Days of Christmas

A Pepsi Grinch that had REAL snow!!!

My yearly favorite, The Game Fowl Association. It's a dark picture, but they always have chickens in cages being pulled by kids with wagons. Excuse me, I mean roosters...
This year, I said "Oh, Sophia look at the pretty chickens; just like Tata's chickens", and to that she replied "No Mom, those are roosters, Mano has roosters. Roosters say ererrerrrererrrrrrrrrr. Those are not chickens; those are roosters."

Monsanto Molokai's Gingerbread House and Santa Tractor

"Da Grinch Dat Wen Aihue X-Mas" Oh Molokai, haha!

Misaki's Giant Lighted Boat, with a LIVE BAND on top! Whaaat?!?! Amazing, I know!

Frozen!!!!!!!! Note that Kristoff is throwing up a shaka :)

Ahhhhhh!!!!!! (cue the 10 little girls around us screaming like crazy)

One of the preschools, I think?

King's Chapel Muppet Theatre

And as expected, Santa arrived in a lifted truck :)

with rope lights

Sophia immediately demanded to eat all of her candy. Sigh. So spoiled!

Mikey was a happy camper throughout. Babbling away and chewing on his pacifier. 

Both kids did great! Mom should have fixed their clothes a little though...
Picture of the picture on the fridge. Auntie Nano got a family shot for us :)

This may be every little girl's dream come true. 
All in all it was an awesome Light Parade. Probably the best ever since we've been here! Hope everyone else had a great first weekend of December!