Thursday, March 19, 2015

Sunday Funday and Landscaping Indecision

Last Sunday we got up, got the kids up, got everyone dressed and ready and went to church for the first time in a month or so. We were only 15 minutes late, Doh! Anyway, it was nice and it reminded me that I like going, but man, is it a lot of work with TWO toddlers!

Danny and me

After church we had a nice afternoon. I spent a lot of time in the garden, as I have been trying to do lately. It's so satisfying to grow your own food, and I'm really excited to try to grow some things are are not readily available here. But I also thought "oh, it's Hawaii, I can grow anything here and it will be easy" well, that assumption was wrong. I ended up with some things that need cold (should be fine in Kalae, right) or sun or whatever to germinate. So we'll see how this goes, I think everything will be fine, it's just going to require a lot more effort than I had initially planned on investing. Either way, it's good, both kids love to play in the garden, so its a good family experience. 

A small selection of the billions of seeds I ordered this year. 

This lady actually let me dress her up for church, so cute! 

Sophia loves to "read" us books now. 
This Sunday I finally broke out the fondue pot that Daniel got me for my birthday. Very groovy ;) It totally went with the 70's vibe of our house, haha. Annnd, the kids refused to eat it, ha!
I also took a bunch of pictures of the outside of our house, I was almost ready to make a drastic landscape change, but ran out of time. This is the back of our house, there are about 100 various things growing in this flower bed space between the house and the sidewalk. (ok, maybe just 5 things; airplane plants, pineapples, ti plants, those mini heleconia whatever they are, and that purple stuff...and a bunch of weeds) 

1. our house is moldy and gross, but we have no time or money, so we're not going to paint it until next year, but when we do, I kind of want to do a blue grey with white trim.

2. The deer keep eating all the Ti plants, so i was thinking of getting rid of them, but they're also said to ward off bad spirits, so maybe not ;)

3. The airplane plants are so ugly as landscaping, it's hard for me to get rid of plants, but I'm thinking they may have to go,

4. who doesn't love pineapples, but they're randomly placed inside this flower bed, and it's not very visually appealing. Should i move them? consolidate them? evenly space them????

5. The mini heleconia I love, but again, for whatever reason they're all bunched up against the sidewalk instead of in the middle of the space. Why??? And is it worth moving them all back 8 inches? Probably yes.

6. I love that purple stuff! It's so pretty and easy to grow. My only concerns are a) the frickin dogs always roll in it and nap in it thus crushing it and making it all ugly. and b) is it just a giant centipede home?? I don't know, but if it is, I'm sure as hell moving it away from the house. 

7. Now that I started googling it trying to look up the names for those plants, there are sooo many pretty ideas, it's too bad the sidewalk is so close to the house.

The back of our house featuring the landscaping in question.

Yet another unfinished landscaping project. Apparently you can't get these round wall blocks on island. 

Weeding the purple stuff

Penny being majestic in the side yard

My Christmas cactus is blooming again! YAY!

i tried to follow the directions and start some flowering stock in a seed tray. I really hope it works because it's totally one of my favorite flowers ever!

And the view from the front yard, I can never get tired of this!!!

All in all, a great Sunday! Suggestions on what to do with our landscaping are totally welcome!!!