Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Happy 11 Months, Baby Michael!

WELL, posting almost a month late, but here's what WAS going on with you 19 days ago when you made 11 months.

You have 8 teeth
You're stretching out your 12 month clothes
You weigh about 20 pounds
You're a wobbly walker, but you are definitely a toddler now; no more crawling.
You get into EVERYTHING!
You love the cat and your sister
You're on cow's milk and a little formula, no more chichi at all
You eat all kinds of foods, but you don't like baby food or those squeeze pouches any more, and you're pretty tired of puffs.
You're a pretty happy little guy, but
You once more are no longer sleeping through the night :(

Mommy and Daddy are planning you a Dinosaur birthday party for next month!

Trying to pull your sticker off

Just chewing on some grass

walking all over the place