Saturday, April 11, 2015

My Work Saturday

I hate the fact that I have to be at work every 8th Saturday. Hate, hate, hate, hate, HATE. I hate that it takes me away form my family time, I hate that I never had to do it for the first 3 years I worked here, I hate that I already work my ass off for 40+++ hours a week and then I HAVE to go in for one more day. Sigh. But honestly, the last couple of times haven't been so bad. It's nice to sit in peace and quiet and get stuff done. Let's face it, a work Saturday is the ONLY time that is ever going to happen for me. Today I actually got up and came in early before the crews even got here. 

I got a lot accomplished, submitted this week's homework, shopped for a new lamp on West Elm (picked out the most gorgeous one available; didn't buy it, don't worry, husband) Caught up on e-mail, looked into a new rug for the kids' room. Checked a couple of my fields, got caught up on a lot of my reporting, cleaned my desk,  recycled all the recycling that I let pile up for months at a time, shredded the shred pile, packed up the pack-n-play. Now that Michael is almost ONE!!! Waaaahhh! Where did my baby go!?!?! And lots of other odds and ends that I generally try to avoid during the normal work week. 

After an incredibly productive two and a half hours I tried to start on next week's homework. Ended up literally smacking myself to try to force me to concentrate, didn't work. (Dammit brain, just shut up and focus every once in awhile!) So, I decided to write a bog post instead, and share a few pics of my beautiful day. 

Well, I hear my yoga mat calling my name (Clear my head so I can focus on the homogeneny of variences- Blech!) Then hurry everyone along so I can go home, eat food and play with my kids!!