Saturday, July 4, 2015

3rd of July 2015

Our pre-holiday celebration called for the best pasta salad I have ever made in my life!!!

And our trip to town called for lemonade:

And arriving home called for baby chick play time. Oh the many faces of Sophia. She was actually happy, I swear!

It was a Greek tortalini salad with a ton of fresh vegetables:

It was SERIOUSLY SOoooooo Hot today!!! I actually made this whole thing outside just because I couldn't stand the heat in our kitchen (ha).

The finished product:
Sooo good. I had to keep myself from eating it all before we left for the party.

The rest of the day was stupid hot, so we played outside in the pool and watered all the plants. I don't think this is lavender after all :( but I have no idea what it is. And this cool little gecko was hiding in my zinnias.

The party was nice, it really helped me reflect on some things that have been stressing me out, and the hosts and food were awesome as always :)