Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Sophia's Sick Day

Well, Soph was under the weather today (fever of 102) and my stupid work computer is broken, and Daniel had real work he had to do,so I'm already sooooo far behind, I just took a half sick day to snuggle my babies.

But first I got my @$$ up at 4am and went to work to try and get caught up on some stuff. Glaaaah :(

Soph has been sick since Saturday, but she's on the mend. She slept most of the morning, so Mikey and I got some quality time in.

I totally forgot this was carved into the bottom of our bird feeder.

After lunch Soph was up and somewhat about, but then it started to rain.

Then around 5pm she started getting her energy back and her fever was finally down to 99.9, so we all decided to get out of the house together for a little bit and get some fresh air.

And so ends another Monday for the Coombs Ohana.