Sunday, October 4, 2015

Stitch Fix 2.3

Another backup post that I never finished writing. This wasn't my favorite Stitch Fix, and since we need a new roof and I want to buy fall decor from Pier One, I'm taking a few months off after this!

This crazy Vaughn tank. The material was the kind that gets moldy super fast here, and Ana said it was hideous (LOL) so this was returned. 

I kept this Fun2Fun "Vimmy Front pocket Top" Although now that I've worn it a grand total of two times, I've decided I hate it, so it's going into the clothes exchange pile. It's just too dark, it makes me sad.  I'm a pastel person.
Fun2Fun "Vimmy Front pocket Top"

Next was the Hawthorn Ivy Striped Tab- Sleeve V-Neck Blouse. It was dark, hard to wear and just not my style. Status- RETURNED! But I will say that I liked the length.

Hawthorn Ivy Striped Tab- Sleeve V-Neck Blouse

This Zad Martin Layered Metal Cuff, I loved the style and loved the gold, but my skin is weird and cheap metals smell really bad (and no, that's not an excuse I make to make Daniel buy me nice jewlery. Hahahaha. Maybe it's from my years as a copper faerie artist. Ha.) So, it had to go that leaves money in my budget for new Tideline Treasures bangles! Yeeeeessssss!

Zad Martin Layered Metal Cuff

And lastly, Mavi Sonja Boyfriend Jeans. I hated these for several reasons:
1. I think they made me look fatter than I am, because they were not even loose. LOL.
2. They were not distressed. What is the point of that?
3. Anna and Becky both said no way to boyfriend jeans
4. They were expensive!!!

I'm just not ready to join the boyfriend jeans trend yet, so these were RETURNED!
Mavi Sonja Boyfriend Jeans