Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Hawaii Fact- Ribbed Soda Cans

Have you guys always wondered why Hawaii is the only place in the world that has crazy ridges or on the top of thier soda cans? I have! What's even more weird is today, I realized that I had totally forgotten about this. Ribbed soda cans seem normal; I actually bought a SanPellegrino and thought for a second "that can looks weird"....

There's actually a story behind this. I guess all soda cans used to look like this, but then in the 80's to reduce costs, can makers made a change in the design to use less raw materials. Hawaii only has one can making plant, and it was too expensive to change it over to the new way, so here we are 30 some years later with ribbed top cans. 

The whole story can be found here:

Hawaii Style Can

Other Can

And that concludes today's interesting Hawaii factoid :)