Thursday, November 26, 2015

Mycogen Thanksgiving 2015

You will notice that this post contains no photos of the actual event mentioned in the title. This is for many reasons:

1. I'm tired. I'm so so so tired
2. I actually hate my job. I know I joke about it all the time, but now it's actually true. Sad, I know
3. Organizing this event was nothing like how it was in the old days, and not in a positive way
4. I purposely didn't bring my new camera, probably just because I was just in that bad of a mood, but who knows really.

Anyway, the food was great! We didn't exactly run out, but being a LeRoy, my greatest fear was realized by the fact that we came really close and everyone wasn't able to eat until they couldn't possibly eat anymore.

I really am grateful for our crews, temps, seasonals, and technical staff, they're pretty awesome. It does still make me sad that I don't really know a lot of the new ones, and so many of the ones I started with don't work there anymore...for the same reasons that I don't WANT to work there anymore. But oh well, I know I still have much to be thankful for, so I'll quit complaining about how incredibly discouraged I've become and focus on the good.

1. The food was great
2. I love our crews, they deserve way more thanks than I do and they probably get way less.
3. We all got a long lunch out of the deal
4. The power went out at 2:15 so we got to bust out of the boring a$$ planning meeting early!!!!
5. I have a job at all
6. That job pays my outrageous grocery bills. 
7. I'm healthy and able to prepare food for anyone I so like this :)