Friday, January 1, 2016

Bathroom Updates

Over the Christmas break we finally had some time to put a little TLC into our super gross bathroom. For comparison, here are the pictures from the day we moved in:

UGLY and gross, right?!?! I mean, I know it's Hawaii, and humidity is 100% 365 days a year, especially in Kalae, I wasn't expecting a midwest bathroom or anything, but still...

At first I thought I seriously could NOT deal with this whole area. But, as reality set in, we knew we wanted to make big time changes and didn't have the money for it yet, so we decided to just live with it for awhile. So live with it we did...for the last 19 months...(well, of course except I scrubbed/cleaned/bleached the crap out of it)

So, here is the "during":

We painted the door and got a new doorknob. I didn't take a picture, but we also replaced the stupid shower wand with a normal person (albeit eco-conscious water saving) showerhead.
We have had no hand towel for almost two years, and Sophia stuck Bearenstien Bears stickers all over the place... 
The towel bars were ugly, old, dingy and rusty/corroded; GROSS.
I bought new ones finally! We went with the Preston collection from Moen, I'm going to use it downstairs too. 
The vanity light was outdated and ugly. And the medicine cabinet was 80's orange oak colored. Eww. 
Fluted glass, exposed lightbulbs, rusty coroded metal, AND more orange oak wood, all in one wonderous light fixture.

And now for the "currently" photos. 

We still have a lot we'd like to do, but at least it's better than it was. 

Sophia and I took down the Bear stickers (mostly) and decorated for Christmas.

The door and trim are all white now. And we replaced all the door knobs in the whole house. 

We ditched the towel bars completely and went with some cool hooks. 

We painted the medicine cabinet white and replaced the vanity light with a bright shiny new one.
And Daniel installed a towel ring.

We're so festive!

Christmas towels

New, correctly positioned, bright, shiny, non rusted TP holder.

And for the future:

There's still a lot of work left to do. In the short term, I want to do a new shower curtain rod, hooks, and curtain. That made such a huge differene in the downstairs bathroom!
Long term: We want to move the wall, move that window to a different room, change this into two rooms-a master bath, and a hall bath- not just one,  redo all the floors, add an exhaust fan, get a sweet new Kohler toilet, and at least one actual bath tub, and replace that nasty vanity, sink, and faucet. But there are also 1000 other things our house needs, so stay tuned, and check back for my "finished bathroom" post, sometime around January of 2030. Haha.