Thursday, January 21, 2016


I'm attempting to brew my first batch of Kombucha! If it's successful (who am I kidding, even if it's not successful) after this we're moving on to actual homemade soda, and then beer!!

For Starters:

Update: Day 5

It's growing some wierd stuff on the top, so I'm somewhat obsessively googling if it's mold or SCOBY....

Update: day 6:
It was not mold. It was just the SCOBY. Mold is on the surface, and is dry. This was not.

Update day 11:
I got busy and lazy so I just made my second batch today. The first batch was good! It only made like 1/2 cup (measuring cup) bc I wanted to be sure I left 4 cups for my next batch, and I only did half of the recipe from the SCOBY I bought.