Tuesday, February 23, 2016

february 2016: a roller coaster of emotions

A couple of weeks ago,frickin pitbull killed 3 of our chickens today. I'm so angry for so many reasons. I'm angry because I'm sad and I don't want to be sad, so I'm just going to keep being angry.

The worst part of all is that everything has been such a rollercoaster lately.  2015 was a terrible year, but 2016 was looking up. After several ups and downs this week, that day was a good day.  The kids slept in, they were pretty well behaved, I cooked delicious foods for the Super Bowl, and we had fun with our friends. Two steps forward, three steps back. 

Going in a different direction, Sophia decided to sneak off into her room and cut her own hair that same day.  I was really nervous how it would look when I saw the pile of hair on the floor.  She probably cut off a good 4 inches.  Luckily, her hair was pretty long, so it wasn't that bad.  After struggling to get her to hold still, I trimmed it into something more presentable....or tried to anyway...

When life gives ya lemons, stand on your lanai and stare at the ocean.

Sophia's "Haircut"

At least the week ended on a cute note :)