Thursday, February 18, 2016

Jill's First Book Review: Tales From the Night Rainbow

I thought I would start writing about what I'm reading. This book came highly recommended as a quick easy read. I checked it out from the library FOR FREE. The ISBN is B00193J9JA if you'd like to read it too. 

Its written by Jae Lee Pali and Koko Willis.

The decription reads Mo'olelo o na Po Makole, The Story of a Woman, a People, and an Island. An oral history as told by Kaili'ohe Kame'ekua of Kamalo, Moloka'i, 1816-1931

That' exactly what it is. It's an amazing authentic history of early Hawaiian beliefs and Molokai. I'll admit, if you don;t like Molokai, it will probably be boring, but I loved it. It deepened my knowledge of many of the legends and words I hear everyday and maybe take for granted. I also really liked that this book focuses on the Pre-Alii culture. Most "legends" that are 'postcard' Hawaiian tales stem from the time after the Polynesians came to the islands around 800AD, but there were people with a very rich and very DIFFERENT history here long before that. 

The book also has a really great message about life and history and remembering who you are, what you are, and why you are. It was also a really quick read, I ended up finishing it over the span of a few evenings and for once ended up avoiding my library late fees. 

Verdict: Highly Recommend