Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Now that I'm finally caught up on homework and through the first trimester and starting to hand offsome projects at work, I can finally get caught up on the 'ol blog. My mom and dad left 2 weeks ago already, but I still have some posts I'd like to share. First up, the new roof. 

Look how gross it was before! Missing shingles, multi-colored, leaking all over the place, making our whole house hot as can be. It was kind of terrible. 


We had the old shingles mostly torn off and tar paper put on in the meantime. Then Daniel and my dad  took the tar paper off, replaced all the rotten boards, put down reflective barrier and some strips of wood, then covered the whole thing in plywood to create an insulating air space, THEN put on new weather shield paper and the new shingles. 

It looks so good! And it doesn't leak! And it's a billion degrees cooler inside! And our home value should be higher! And our bathrooms are ready for exhaust fans! I really like the color and I'm glad we went with it. It's OakRidge designer shingles in Shasta White from Home Depot. 

Oakridge Shasta White Laminate Shingles

Now back to painting. Haha.