Sunday, May 8, 2016

Baby Number 3: 21 Week Update and Oahu Trip

Last Weekend we went to Oahu to get an anatomy screen. Otherwise known as a 3D ultrasound. I got one with Michael and Sophia and unfortunately, this was a very different experience. This time we wen to Kapiolani instead of Fetal Diagnostic Institute of the Pacific. The technician was really mean and it was not family friendly at all. Luckily we spent the rest of weekend doing fun stuff. 

Baby Update
Monday was 21 weeks. (Tomorrow will be 22)
Weighing in around 140 lbs. 
Baby is the size of a banana- a really big fat banana, with chunky arms and legs and bitty baby muscles. Although the lady says it's measuring right on track.
All it's heart valves are present and accounted for.
We found out boy/girl, but Maybe I'll make it's own post out of that. 


We went to Panda Express. These kids were in Heaven. Sophia's favorite food is Orange Chicken, so she said "Whoa!!!! You can eat orange chicken at a RESTAURANT!!!" Michael also loved it, especially the juice. Haha. 

These little monkeys had their FIRST EVER Dairy Queen ice cream cone. I know. Deprived. 

Sophia's favorite part of the whole weekend was just staying at the hotel. 

On Sunday we went to Ice Palace where Daniel's friend was having their daughter's 8th birthday party. These two were pretty little and had literally never seen an ice rink or skates ever before in their life. But they tried. Michale probably would have skated longer, but Sophia quickly got distracted by the arcade games. I took one step onto the ice but then realized I hadn't skated in 6+ years...and I'm pregnant, so I didn't even do a lap. Haha. Daniel did a few though. We'll be excited to go back in a year or two when all our children are born and coordinated. haha.

Daniel and I gave in and took these monkeys to McDonald's for HOURS. They did really good. They both made it through every tunnel and made a bunch of new friends.

Like any white girl, I got us Starbucks for breakfast on Monday. So shame.  The keiki loved thier cake pops and I had a chai latte. Yum! We had an ocean view room at Ala Moana for the first time. Free upgrade I guess, because I definitely was not paying the extra $10-$20 per night to see the same ocean we see everyday.  That glass balcony though!

 We drove over to Kapiolani and did our ultrasound. I was the crazy person taking pictures from the parking garage. What a nice view though!

We went downtown for lunch at Maria Bonita's and it was sooooooooooo good! Best Mexican food I have ever eaten in all of Hawaii. 
Cheers! (with an overly cautious dad-hand preventing spills)

After that we took our little buggers to the Waikiki Aquarium. They loved it! We took a million pictures, so maybe I'll make a separate post about that. This one is getting pretty long. 

 We saw the war memorial and the view of Waikiki on the way back. 

And in conclusion, my VERY WORST decision of the weekend....I let Sophia buy kiddie lipgloss. Ugh, why, Jill, why????? 
1. Look at this little diva 2. All they do is eat it 3. Everything we own is sticky. 

Whelp, that's it for now, Happy Mother's Day to All!