Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Catwalk Progress

Here's another story to embarrass Anna and illustrate how disgusting our life in Hawaii is. Haha.

Anyone who knows me knows that if there's one thing I hate hate hate HATE HATE HAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTEEEEEEEE in life, it's wasting my time, energy and money on band-aids. Not the literal ones, those, I actually love and we have every variety under the sun. But, I digress. 

When we came back from Oahu a couple of weeks ago our kitchen was a disaster zone! We were only gone for three days, but it was somehow full of mice and cockroaches. Gross!!!!! So, I bleached EVERYTHING! Seriously, every single dish, pot, pan,  drawer, cabinet, every inch of counter top, every-thing! 

Then Daniel sprayed and all of our belongings sat in a huge pile in the middle of the floor for awhile. Then finally when there were no signs of life I rewashed everything again with regular soap and put it all away (mostly, I still have a few things to go). Overall it was actually a decent experience, because I KonMari-d the hell out of the kitchen cabinets.

Next to solve the home intruder problem. I'm a firm believer in the safe and responsible use of pesticides...so we did that. Especially after moving to Hawaii, where your door is always open and there's no winter to kill anything. Then we decided it was time to finally address the catwalk. 

First of all, I had a hard time believing this was the entry point of anything. Secondly, I knew we would soon eventually be tearing it out, so I hated to waste any energy on it. But it was the lowest hanging fruit. 

Let's just recall again what this looked like when we moved in. GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After ripping up the Astro-Turf there it was still hideous.

I finally got it painted, but huge gaps remained, where everyone but me believes that bugs and mice were coming in. 

I started caulking it last week, but the gaps were so big, it took me an entire tube of caulk to do less than 3 feet. Then my son ran through with muddy feet. 

So this weekend I filled all the cracks with Great Stuff. 

Hopefully this weekend I'll get around to putting caulk over that to smooth it out then repainting the whole thing so it looks nice again. 

Updates soon to come!