Thursday, May 12, 2016

Hale Kealoha

Well, Well, Well...

Hotel Molokai finally reopened their restaurant (like a year ago) and Jill and Daniel finally went to eat there (like a month ago) but here's the blog post just now. What can I say, I'm  timely. ha.

They have a website now- FANCY Hale Kealoha Website

I actually had a lunch from there several months ago and it was BOMB! I've been trying to convince Daniel to go, but he pretty much hates fancy food and dining with toddlers...soooooo......

Finally one Thursday night while Sophia was at Cubbies I convinced him to go.

For your viewing pleasure, here are some pics of us FIVE YEARS AGO when we stayed at the Hotel on our first visit to Molokai. Interview Pics

In Daniel's defense, dining at a Molokai's most fancy establishment with a toddler was really not fun. Thankful that we had a great waitress who knows what it's like to have a little kids! (Ani)

They had no keiki menu, so the three of us split a kalua pig quesadilla, served with fresh pico and guac. And a linguini with peas, onions and bacon, which was served with a side salad and a small loaf of bread/ roll.

It was pretty good! And the scenery was the same as always-  BEAUTFUL! Can't beat seaside dining!