Sunday, May 15, 2016

Happy Fourth Birthday, Sophia

Sophia's FOURTH birthday was Friday. This picture describes the mood of the evening. Hahaha. 

Thursday I attempted to bake her a cake. I failed miserably, and smashed it up and made it into cake pops. Then I felt guilty and baked her an angel food cake also. I told Sophia its called Angel Food cake because it's as light and fluffy as a cloud....To which she replied "Gross, I don't want to eat a CLOUD!!!"  So, as you can see, the birthday was off to a great start. 

Friday came, and Sophia got into her presents while I was still making dinner... Even though we told her she had to wait. Daniel made the rice. I'm not sure what went wrong, but it boiled over the rice cooker everywhere into a big nasty starchy soup. While I was redoing it, Sophia Face-timed her Grandma and Grandpa and opened her presents from them. 

Meanwhile, Michael started to take bites out of all of the cake pops....

I read them her new book in an attempt to calm some of the crabbiness. Surprise: it's super long and super boring! Thanks a lot, Disney. 

 I went to set out the cake just before dinner was ready, and wouldn't you know....even though it was totally covered with aluminum foil, it had a trail of sugar ants going along underneath it. The good news is, it didn't have any frosting yet, so I turned it onto a different plate and spent a good 10 minutes smushing ants. For dinner we had Sophia's favorite food, Chicken and Rice. To which she proclaimed "The inside tastes weird. I don't like it" Luckily she got over it and ate two helpings. 

After dinner we opened more presents, but Michael was getting so so so tired and crabby by this point.

And they opened their box from Nana and Cowboy. 

She got some Calico Critters, but the (way better) Japanese version. 

Michael had another mini-meltdown.

We had to take a break for showers. And then we finally made it to cake.  

We did the candles twice, because Michael blew them out the first time before Sophia had a chance. 

I let Sophia have three (tiny) pieces of cake. 

Then she watched her birthday movie and played bunny dolls into the wee hours of the night. 

All in all I think she had a good birthday. I felt a little bad for not inviting anyone, but I also think it was a good life lesson, that not every memory has to be some gigantic expensive affair. A small dinner at home can be priceless. But in this case the night was so crazy I'm glad no one else was there to witness it. Haha. 

Happy Birthday little love bug! Mommy and Daddy and Michael and new baby love you so so so so much!