Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Sally Hanson Miracle Gel Polish Review

This might be my newest OBSESSION! Waaaaaaaaaay better than Jamberry!

Here was day one. You just paint your nails with the polish (2 coats, but it actually dries super fast, like almost as fast as the Insta-Dry kind I normally buy) Then you do a final top coat with the black jar that goes on clear. All 3 coats took maybe 20 minutes at most, probably more like 10.

And the results after 7 days of swimming, hand SCRUBBING dishes, planting my garden, working in the field at work, excessive typing and normal household chores.  Virtually NO chips! I was seriously amazed!

And after 22 days it was mostly chipped off. But that's also because I was picking at it and my nail grew out.