Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Baby Chicks and boring pointless lessons on life

Boring Pointless Jill story number 10005:

A long time ago, I worked for a person, making a thing. Haha. I worked hard, and did a good job and eventually worked my way up to a manager position of sorts. One year we had some new people. One of which Got. On. My Nerves. LOL. Being my true self, I still don't really like the kid. Never have and most likely never will.

Well, this particular kid wasn't really that good at making the thing that we we paid to be making, he gooffed off a lot, was constantly making annoying unfunny jokes and shenanigans, etc. Nothing really bad, just not a model citizen like the rest of us. The poor quality got a little attention from our boss, and he got assigned mostly 'grunt work' from then on.

Eventually came the time when we all (somehow this was a group decision) decided that I would go talk to the boss about his work ethic as well. We were all pretty upset that we worked harder than he did, and even back then, I was pretty unafraid to speak my mind about things.

Well, one day I finally summoned up the courage and went to talk to our boss. She listened, and I don't remember the conversation, but vaguely it was just to lighten up, he was doing ok. YES, the rest of us were extraordinary, but not everyone can be extraordinary....

Well, here we are some 15 years later, and I relived this situation, yet this time as the boss lady herself. I let a lot slide. Probably what most people would consider borderline too much. BUT, I feel like I only hold people accountable to a level of responsibility that they are compensated for. And I thought I was treating everyone how I wanted to be treated.

I also remember working a terrible server job at a restaurant, and thinking "you want me to clean whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat for $6.25 an hour? No. Not Happening. So sorry I have a reasonable sense of self-worth"

 Anyway, I thought I wanted to be the easy going boss. I think I still want to be an easy going person... But, I think it actually might be upsetting everyone.

So, now here I am once again contemplating all the turns my life has taken, wondering if I'm doing the right thing, and if there even IS a right thing?

In other news, we got baby chicks yesterday!!!! If there is ever any easy decision to make it's saying YES to more baby chicks. HAHAHA. Our as both my children now INSIST that they should be referred to "Chicklings" Because that's what you call a baby chicken- Duh, mom, just like a baby duck is called a duckling.