Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Oahu Trip Day Two

It's been a busy week with Daniel working on Maui and me having the kids by myself all week. So, without further ado, here's to catching up on the last leg of our Oahu trip from last weekend:

These sophisticated little monkeys had breakfast on the lanai at Ala Moana.

We went to Pho 777 for lunch and Sophia declared it to be "the best day ever" because she got to eat those sweet pickled carrots. 😂 Crazy girl!

And she took many selfies.

We walked around the mall in the morning which was a DISASTER with two small tired children. Then made our way to Ward Center.

Sophia was really confused as to why we had to wait in line and asked "where's the TV"

But both kids were really well behaved all through "Finding Dory". It was a cute movie. And it's the first time out kids have ever seen or heard of such a place as a movie theatre, let alone seen a move in one! Crazy!!! They didn't even know such a thing existed!

After that we went to Chinatown and a strip mall to get some food to bring home, because, balance. And then had the most unorganized trip(s) through TSA ever. Haha. Thank God the guy was nice bc we literally went through security 5 times because amongst other things, Sophia had to pee, Daniel forgot the sunscreen, and his knife and Michael is a cling-on. SO, also lucky the Molulele lady was super chill about shoving all our crap into our checked bags for us.

Then the flight home was pretty rough. Rain, clouds, and I swear lightening....on a Mokulele plane...but as usual, everything was fine. 

We all made it home, safe and sound and tired as can be. 

Then that's it! We spent what was left of our weekend playing in the pool and working in our never ending forest of a yard.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend  too!