Monday, July 11, 2016

Baby Number 3: 31 Week Update

31 Weeks!

 My amazing friends threw a surprise sprinkle for Kelly and I this weekend, and sadly I forgot my camera and phone, so here are some pics I poached from Becky. Everything was BEAUTIFUL and the food was amazing, and the games were fun. Thank you, thank you thank you, to everyone for attending, hosting, and party prepping, and celebrating these blessed little babes!

What's going on with baby these days:

Baby is still breech. I'm pretty sure he's too big to flip, but, we'll see. Kelly's baby flipped last week, so maybe. 

Baby is kicking a lot more, so that's reassuring. I am having a TON of indigestion, which really sucks, and makes it impossible to sleep, but I guess that's just nature's way of preparing you for a newborn :)

This week's bump photo session:
The father of my children