Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Hawaii Problems

I realize that with the amount of actual bad events happening in America lately, it may seem shallow to complain.

BUT: the kids and I have been sick. I have had a shitty day/week/24 months at work. And to top it all off........

Yep. I woke up at 3am last Thursday thinking "ouch, my knee stings" since I'm pregnant I just thought I had fallen asleep on the metal edge of the bed frame and all my body weight was making it sore. It took a minute or so for reality to sink in, then I jumped up, brushed the covers away from me, turned on all the lights and woke Danny up to find and kill the centipede. 

I assumed it was a tiny baby one again, but as I said that to him I looked at my bite marks. Nope. 

Thank goodness for the sunshine and rainbows, otherwise these ugly buggahs would scare everyone away from living here.