Sunday, August 7, 2016

Nesting: or trying to....

We haven't done much to prepare for this baby. Pretty much nothing at all. 

We power washed and started to paint the lanai, but we have been in constant hurricane/ tropical storm warnings, so it's not really ideal weather for painting. Mostly because its so hot and humid. But we did make a little progress. I'll make a full post when it's finished, but here's a shot of Daniel starting on the side. 

We wanted to get our bathrooms remodeled when my dad visits this month, but there's no way. We're still working out the design so we can submit permit applications. It is a stupid, hard and annoying process. It's also going to cost a ton of money, so I want to make sure we get it right. Adding a bathroom actually entails, fixing the catwalk and roof, moving a beam, outlining the kitchen remodel, adding a master closet, and redoing the laundry room- it's basically like 1/2 or house that will change. 

So, since that's not gonna happen right now, the other thing I really wanted to get done before the baby gets here was upgrade our living room since I will be spending so much time in there. 

Here's the inspiration from the furniture store on Oahu.

And here's where we're actually at today.......horrible!

Actually, after I cleaned up a little it looks a lot better, but still...

We need to paint the ceiling, get the toilet, cat pillow, birdhouse and shoe rack out of here. 

Then, for the fun part....I bought a new TV cabinet, but its in the rec room, waiting for the rest of everything to come together, and this morning I finally ordered new sofas. I should have ordered them yesterday because the ones I wanted sold out YESTERDAY, (These) so I got very similar ones that were still a really good deal, but unfortunately, will not be delivered until OCTOBER.