Friday, August 5, 2016

Our week in review

I'm Well, it's been busy around here lately. Danny has been on Lanai all week. Sophia started school. Michael might have an eye infection, Sophia's eczema is flaring up, no one will ever sleep in this house! The dogs and baby chicks are being a-holes and I am 8 months pregnant! Haha.

We had some good times too though. Sophia was really excited for her first day of pre-school this year. That didn't last that long, she's having some trouble with girl the kind you should experience at 14, not 4. Girls are mean! Her included though, so what can you do... I also let her pick out her own first day outfit and of course she picked her oldest, rattiest, most grimy stained hand me down Merdith Hello Kitty shirt. 😂

Those damn dogs. Tearing stuff up, running away, and destroying everything in the garage. Yes, they somehow pulled the freaking lawnmower out of our garage one day! Trying to chew on my yoga mat that was behind it. 😑 they also broke my most prized possession, our kiddie pool. I will probably never forgive them.

Notice how our driveway looks so nice and bright? I've been power washing everything in sight! It's my new favorite hobby!!!

We also took the time to paint some pictures.

I started a new yoga challenge. That's fun! There was a rainbow over our house and we made it to read-2-me.

Sophia and Michael had thier occasional sweet moments.

And their not so sweet moments...

And, perhaps the best part of the week: we had ice cream cones....and Micahel couldn't finish his, so I got to eat two. Hahaha. 🐷

And i remembered that Bitmoji existed!!!