Friday, September 16, 2016

Induction day

Well, today did not start off well. Woke up to pouring rain. We got up early to finish packing and left the house by 6:45.  Our Mokulele flight was delayed, so we just sat at the Molokai airport for awhile but at least the rain cleared up. It was still cloudy and the ride over was bumpy and my left ear would NOT pop.

We got to Avis. I had messed up and made two reservations. Lucky the lady was super nice about it. BUT all they had left was mini vans. 

By the time we got to the rental car, Castle called and delayed my induction because they were full. 

Daniel got some Carl's Jr. And I got an egg mc muffin. We went to lowes then Home Depot. But by them my feet were swollen and I was exhausted. So I decided to stay in the van and put my feet up and rest and of course like 2 minutes after Daniel went inside some creepy mofos come just "hang out" playing on thier phones and smoking thier cigarettes right next to my window. Eventually one of them got into a van 2 cars down and left (not the car they were all sitting all thier stuff on the hood of)  then they moved down like 3 more cars. Then the first guy drove his van back and backed in right next to me. It was really wierd and creepy. But it ended up to be fine. Shortly after that Daniel came back and we left....maybe just a coincidence, or maybe we looked like stupid tourists. I don't know, but either way it was a super busy parking garage, so hopefully no one would be that stupid, but who knows. I'm gojng to assume the best and say it was a coincidence and they were just killing time waiting for thier friend to get off work or something. Who knows! Kinda creepy though. 

We thought about going to a movie, but they were all terrible, and mostly horror movies. So instead we went to Target and as usual spent a small fortune. Daniel got some new work shirts, I got some toiletries. Nothing exciting. I got a vanilla bean frap like any millennial would 😉

After that I thought we could try out the outlet mall. I fell asleep in the way there. The Oahu traffic never ceases to amaze me.
Then Daniel took a short nap after we got there. It was a bust. Nothing a really needed or wanted.but we did get dip n dots.
And by then my cankles had swelled to a catastrophic size.

We left there and stopped at Ross in Paerl City. Daniel got some new sneakers. After that it was time to head to Kailua. I asked our friend Diane for some dinner recommendations. Sadly, one place was closed and the other had too long of a wait list for our schedule since I wanted to be early/on time since I was already nervous enough about being induced. So...we ended up getting KFC. I was super nervous, so I didn't even eat much, but being me, I stashed a bunch of crap and my leftovers in my purse for later. 😂

We got to Castle In plenty of time. Check in was easy. Just for my weight gain journey. I was 172 at check in. So probably as much as I gained with Michael. And I actually tried this time! Dang! I guess kids just grow as much as they want...or I have a serious weakness for junk food. Haha. 44 pounds, that's not so bad. The midwife bets "less than 9 pounds" of that will be baby. We'll see tomorrow!!! The nurse and midwife were super nice. Castle has a really relaxed natural environment which I love. 

Daniel's pretty tired, I'm betting he will fall asleep any minute. 

They took my vitals, put in a IV thing and started monitoring the baby. My antibiotics are ordered then thenwill start the pitocin. I was already at 3cm and squishy, so hopefully this is a quick easy painless happy birth.

But they're busy, so my antibiotics didn't get started until a little after 10pm. So after that they'll move us to a new room (they only put us here because they're out of space) and maybe my pitocin will start around 11pm. 

So...I'm going to try to get some rest. 

My next post better be about the birth of a certain little guy. Lol!