Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Lanai Progress

Well, I set up some posts in advance since I'm hopefully busy delivering a baby/ caring for a new born right now. And without further adu, I give you an update on our Lanai.

Take a peek back at what our lanai looked like when we first started to remodel it or even a few weeks ago when we finally got around to Painting the lanai. This week since my mom and dad have been here and unfortunately, I have NOT gone into labor, despite passing my due date and this being my THIRD child.... the lanai got a little spruce up.

Daniel and my dad put in these lights from Lowes, which provided a MUCH needed upgrade, both in style and functionality. 

I bought a new pillow from Pottery Barn, and moved one of our old pillows back outside. Also, while  Anna was still here  (collective effort of me, her and our mom) we got the porch swing painted white, which looks SO much better and brighter. 

Its hard to tell in the pictures, but the floor is also making progress. Slowly but surely. My dad advised Daniel on what new scraper to buy, so that's on its way from amazon. (This one) and the gel stain is sitting in the closet, waiting for me to finish scraping off all the tar.

And hopefully someday I'll find a ceramic garden stool to go between these two chairs that will actually ship to Molokai! And then we'll get the back yard cleaned up....And then life will be perfect :)