Thursday, September 1, 2016

Lately: Doomsday Prepping 2016

Well, Madeline passed south of us last night with barely any wind and rain in Kalae. BUT all of Maui county just got put under a hurricane watch for Lester. Its supposed to pass north of us, but a couple of the models predict that it could maybe possibly, but highly unlikely make landfall. 

Sophia's school is closed tomorrow. She's super excited because she gets to spend the day at home with Nana. 

My dad is flying in from the mainland tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes. It should be fine as Lester isn't supposed to hit until late Friday night. but who knows. It also sucks because Anna has to leave Sunday. 

We haven't done anything fun because I've been super tired and crabby and upset because this kid is not following my birth plan, and because I had to start school, my kids are being so pesky and our house is a mess and of course, my job. Blah. 

But... in better news, how freaking adorable are these two? They're such turds, but I love them so so much!