Sunday, September 18, 2016

September 18, 2016

This whole pregnancy I've just had this nagging feeling that something  was wrong. First, it took us longer to get pregnant than last time. Next, the first test I took was negative. Then the second test was really faint. Even my hospital test the line was faint. I didn't have as much morning sickness and this baby wasn't ever as active as our other two. I'm sure there were more small signs, as you could see in all my "Baby Number Three: Weekly Updates" 

Well, today was baby's 24 hour check up. He was breathing too fast still, so the pediatrician on call said that we could not go home and she ordered some labs. 

They didn't come back good. He had elevated white blood cell counts and elevated something else. 

She ordered a chest x-Ray that only had a few streaks, so that could mean an infection and mild respitory distress. 

He has to be on antibiotics for 3-7 days but we can't stay at the hospital if he has to stay in the nursery. 

They took him to the nursery at 3pm today and started two different antibiotics- ampicillin and something else. 

Around 7pm they finally said I could come in and nurse him and hold him. We stayed for about an hour and then he had to go back under the warmer and get some rest.

I just went back anyway and nursed him a couple of hours later, then it was time for shift change. The next nurse was so much nicer and let me hold him and nurse him all through the night.