Monday, September 19, 2016

September 19, 2016

Last night the nursery nurse was great and very supportive of mommy baby time. Unfortunately the one today sucks, possibly more than the first one even. Not that I thought that was possible.

Baby is on oxygen, but it's only room air, so basically there's a tube in his nose for nothing. They've been giving him a pacifier a lot, so now he's not interested in nursing. 

AND we get discharged today. The pediatrician aid if he was off oxygen he could room in. The midwife said if he was  room in, we could stay here.

The nurses are busy and don't want to deal with that so they won't take him off oxygen and are making Daniel and I leave. My nurse today is especially annoying and has asked me when I want to leave literally 20+ times. I've seriously been counting. "Hello. I'm not leaving. I may be discharged, but I will be in this nursery until you discharge my baby" 

Sooooo, there's that. She's so annoying. Like the nurse for Sophia that kept pushing me to get an epidural.