Wednesday, September 21, 2016

September 21/22 2016

Oh little Ethan,

You are causing your Mommy and Daddy  one heck of a hard time. We are happy that you're healthy and happy.

We are however less than excited about the fact that you have to stay in the Castle nursery without us for an entire week.

You seem to be very healthy. The doctors think you probably aspirated some amniotic fluid when you came out. Some of your blood work came back with elevated White blood cell counts and elevated bands. They were worried that you might be fighting off some infection. They took some more blood and cultured it, but nothing grew, so you're probably definitely fine. It's even possible that whatever little bug you had you could have/did fight off on your own. However, we have yet to see an actual doctor and all the nurses have all different opinions🙄

Mom and Dad have been spending as much time as we can with you, but we still missed your umbilical cord falling off at 4 days!!!. Mommy's trying to nurse you and snuggle you as much as possible, the nurses keep giving you milk even though I've asked them a million times to call me in to nurse you. Annoying. 

You're quickly turning from a wrinkly newborn to a super cute baby boy. You still look a lot like your Daddy, but lately you're the spitting image of your sister. 

You look really good. Your heart rate is good, your oxygen saturation is good.  The only thing is you still breathe a little fast sometimes. The nurses say you still have some tachypnea but some say it can be a sign of infection, some say it's just a natural part of life, it can also be caused by stress, anxiety, etc. They also like to disagree on the accuracy of this monitor. 😑

So....we'll see what Dr. Reese says, but so far her partner says you're fine and can be released Sunday morning instead of Sunday night, so that would be awesome!