Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Ethan Kekoa is 1 Month Old!

Time flies! Ethan made one month on Monday,


weighs 10 pounds.

is 20.5 inches.

can bring his hands to his midline.

can lift his head 45 degrees.

can hold his head steady when being held upright (aka can sit in the Bumbo now!)

makes a few coos every now and then (but mostly just screams for milk, or to be burped)

startles at loud noises

loves to look at the ceiling

loves to eat (probably over eats)

loves to begin his day at 4 am.

has been to the doctor too many times to count

has somehow already caught at least 2 infections

finally seems to be getting healthy

still has the tachypnea (going to Oahu this week to gt it checked out)

still has blue eyes

still has a ton of hair (his new hair is growing in lighter, but what exact color remains to be seen)

Happy one month baby Ethan! Mommy, daddy, Sophia and Michael love you so so much!