Sunday, October 2, 2016

Happy 2 Weeks Baby Ethan!

Little Ethan had a very eventful second week of life!

Unfortunately, his Cowboy and Nana went back to Missouri. 

Which left his older siblings lacking attention and SUPER CRAZY!!!

here's Michael using a Friendly Market gift certificate as binoculars...

and quote "resting" 

Ethan got lots of snuggle time with mommy, especially since it looks like he might have that damn eye infection that Michael and I had a few months ago, 

And he got his first real bath in a bath tub! Yay! No more sponge baths!

His after bath hair looks super curly and his eyes are still blue. Maybe a greyish blue... He's gained back all his birth weight and then some! He went to his one week check up with Auntie Mary, who said he looks healthy and strong. However, he's still breathing fast (around 80 when she checked, and a normal baby is supposed to be 60 or less) and since his checkup his right eye has gotten all goopy :( Thinking about going back to the doctor or getting a second opinion tomorrow.