Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Happy 3 Weeks Ethan!

Man, I have been really slacking on blogging lately. 
Man, I have been really slacking on blogging lately. On the bright side, that means I've been being a good Ethan...

Michael and Sophia have been pretty challenging lately. They both assume a lot of attitude with their parents lately, which is definitely not a good thing....So, we're working hard on that. Respecting adults, doing as you're told, minding your own business, not bragging/taunting, and just being kind people. We read Bearenstien Bears ALL THE TIME! How is it not rubbing off on them more?!?!

In Ethan news, I actually bought an Owlet monitor like a crazy yuppie. But his breathing is still erratic, so I think that makes it a more reasonable purchase. I wish I would have used a coupon code from another blogger though- if that exists- because i know I've seen a few other people blog about them. Either way, It does make us feel a lot better. It doesn't monitor his respiration rate, but at least it does O2 levels, which shows that even if he isn't breathing right, at least its halfway effective. Also, the good thing is last week when I bought it his O2 was consistently in the low 90's. now it's in the mid-90's. So maybe he's improving. 

We got another chest x-ray, and RSV swab and a flu swab, but haven't gotten the results back from any of them yet. We go back to the doctor on Friday, and he'll be a month by then, so hopefully this either resolves its self very soon, or they figure out what's wrong and fix it!

Michael and Sophia had their occasional cute moment this week, but it's been a little hard to enjoy it. I'm pretty stressed out because of Ethan, my upcoming midterm (tomorrow) and the fact that both our dishwasher and dryer broke this week. Good bye money, goodbye. 

Baby Ethan is getting bigger and stronger. He weighed 9lbs 12 oz at his last checkup. His eye infection is mostly gone, but he has some newborn acne all over his face. Poor kid. His eyes are still blue and his hair is still dark, although the sides are falling out a little and his new hair is dark brown, but not black. He just might get his first haircut next week. The hat in the picture was made by one of the nurses in the castle nursery.